I am a website designer with 20 years experience in designing, hosting and building websites.
I run a company called flymedia.

From simple HTML in 1997, progressing to PHP & MySQL for added functionality, then realising that life is far too short to build websites by hand, the web is changing faster than we can deal with, and with an ever-growing number of clients, it became more efficient to build sites using WordPress, like this one.

I host and maintain nearly 200 websites, some of these are no longer needed as the client changes focus

I have registered domains for myself and clients.
Some I no longer need, some renewals have not been paid for by the client.
Either way, these domains end up here on this site, to let you know that they are FOR SALE.

Some domains will be left to expire naturally, so if you can wait, then good luck, snap them up when they become available to all.
Some domains will be renewed until purchased generally because they are domains I feel have a value.
If you would like to buy any of the domain names on this site, let me know and we can sort something out.